Did you know I spend my days wondering... looking... for any sign to ease my mind to keep me from wondering... looking... that all you feel is regret   ❤ Roxy



I continue to ask the same questions Frustrated, you stare my way It's not that I can't understand You no longer love me It's that the hurt which comes from hearing YOU say it That is the ointment for my wounds Tell me you don't love me

X Chances

And every time I think this is the last time You surprise me   More hurt More pain A little less forgiveness   You ask for yet another chance How can I deny you? Until today I've finally had E.n.o.u.g.h.   ❤ Roxy ©    


Of all our years This one The start of the Future The start of Us And now This dark hole Without you Not 7 Love-filled years 7 kinds of Torture   © ❤ Roxy