Early this year, possibly around January, I met up with a friend for coffee and delicious desserts (check out that pic ^).  It had been a year, maybe more since we had seen each other; we wanted to catch up, share what we had been up to.  Much to our dismay, everything was/is not in the right places for us.  In short,  we started discussing how topsy-turvy our lives were, and when discussing our ever-so-crummy love lives, we needed advice.  All of our love issues boiled it down to one question: Is this a rut or is this the end?  Are we just dealing with a rough patch, a survivable one, or should we flip the page?

Good question.  Do YOU know?

How does one decide if it’s just another challenge, another test awaiting the victory of true love, or if it is time to call it quits?  Is it a rut or is it the end?  I’ve never believed myself to be a quitter, and for that reason I felt the need to tell her that we must keep trying.  Trying to fix the shattered and broken, the lost and won’t be found, the relationships that we had invested so much into.  Is it when they tell you they no longer love you? Do you finally walk away, or try and show them why they fell in love with you in the first place?  Is it when they finally cheat?  Do you offer them a second chance?  Or is it when its all routine, when there is no longer passion and butterflies-in-my-stomach feelings?  When is the end, well, the end?


I honestly don’t know.  But man, I wish I did.


It’s now the end of April and I’m still haunted by this question.  I don’t know when, but I do know that I can’t regret it.  Whatever decisions we make, let’s not regret them.  Lets live in all happiness, knowing we gave it our best shot, and that we made the decision that was best for us.  To go or not to go?  Who knows? Just don’t regret it.





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